Himalayas Life

Preserving the monastic culture of the Himalayas

... with the finest Arts & Crafts for decoration, spiritual and healing purposes.


Our mission

Our mission is to connect the ancient Himalayan culture to the world using our modern and efficient internet platform. In order to do so, we help and promote the artists and temples by exposing their arts to the world.

If you are the owner of a shop, showroom or art gallery interested in supplying handcrafted items and art like mandalas, thangka paintings, statues and Tibetan carpets from Nepal to your customers, then you are in the right place.

We provide 2 different options for resellers, on the one hand you can populate your shop with handcrafted artwork from the stock, on the other hand we can give you a reseller discount for commissioned handicrafts.


Himalayas Life

Our web portal provides online services and resources for the preservation of the Himalayan culture including arts, crafts and architecture. We offer services to handcrafters, artisans, artists and anyone willing to promote the Himalayan culture online.

Web Services

Promote your contribution to the Himalayan Art and Culture with your own website and online store. We are available to answer any question.


We reduce the risk for the dropshippers by collecting, holding, and depositing milestone payments until both buyer and provider are satisfied.